About us

Our steel processing and manufacturing activities has begun in the 1970’s. Our company, the N-ferrum Building Contractor and Construction Provider Ltd. was founded 2006 as a family business.

In the beginning the company’s profile was reinforcing steel construction. This has been changed and we specialized to production and marketing of reinforcing steel. Over the years and adapting the changes of customer’s demands the company started with the complete construction of steel structure halls.

During our work quality and meeting the deadlines are primer disciplines. From the beginning we pay attention to the acquirement of high-quality tools and machines, which are necessary for providing professional work in order to execute our orders professionally.

Besides the unconditional compliance of quality requirements in all fields of our activities we strive for reaching the maximum productivity with minimum financial efforts. This should never endanger our reliability.

For executing the tasks in our fields of activities we recruit qualified, well-trained employees.

Now we have 21 employees.

For executing complex works we involve qualified subcontractors, which are continuously monitored. The N-ferrum Building Contractor and Construction Provider Ltd. expects and demands impeccable quality and expertise.

The management of the Ltd. has determined its quality policy:


The main fields of activities

  • Reinforcing steel production, construction, marketing
  • Steel structure production, construction
  • Complete construction of industrial facilities and other buildings
  • Marketing of Swedsteel-Metecno products
  • Execution of general planning

Other activities::

  • General construction of apartment houses
  • Wrecking buildings, constructions
  • Mason work
  • Carpentry, roofing
  • Insulation of flat roof
  • Drywall constructions
  • Painting, coating
  • Electric installation
  • Building engineering


Price offers

Price offers are prepared according to the plans – plan documentations or local measurements, provided to us.

Considered facts:

  • Local facility (area, distance, floors, etc.)
  • Type of job
  • Extent of job

The price offer is calculated using the budgeting calculation program of TERC Ltd. and a well-tried itemized cost calculation model. These are summarized in a transparent table in material-cost splitting. We always track the price level in the construction trade and the official rates, which enables acceptable and competitive prices.


János Nemes
Marietta Nemes

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Company information

Name: N-ferrum Building Contractor and Construction Provider Limited Liability Company

Date of foundation: 15.09.2006

Headquarters: 8800 Nagykanizsa, Garay Str. 16/B

Business premise: 8800 Nagykanizsa, Lendva u. 649/151 land register reference

Tax number: 13811927-2-20

OTP account number: 11749015-21006427

Company register number: 20-09-067473

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